Designing and Developing a Good Website

How do you design and develop a good website? What does it take to drive traffic and make it to the top of search engines? How can you make it user-friendly and aesthetically appealing to your targeted market? Can a website really deliver more income for your company or offered services?

These and more are the many considerations that need attention in designing your website. Whether you are designing for personal use or for your company’s products/or services, you must have clear ideas of what you want to accomplish in your website. A good website starts with a good concept and web structure.

First of all the trend for website design nowadays are inter-active. Gone are the days of HTML base website that are static. It does not accomplish much, but just make a presentation of who, where and what you are. Users can only read your pages but can’t accomplish much.

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Add Social Media And Networking Into Your Website

Social media and networking are here to stay. If you don’t believe it, then ask anyone that you know if they have a Facebook page or not. The vast majority, who are even slightly familiar with how computers work, will say, “Yes.”

Technology has made it so easy to keep up with your favorite actors, athletes, business moguls, and celebrities. It has also made it possible to reconnect with old friends that you may have never seen again otherwise. If it is anything that the rise of Facebook and social networking in general has taught society, it is that the world truly is a small place, and that in some way, everyone is connected. Why not use that truth to your advantage as you develop your website?

Facebook has made incredible progress in social networking through their “People You May Know” feature. Instantly, you can use your existing network of contacts to establish “friendships” with an exponential amount of people, who may eventually find need for your product or service. By keeping a contacts list readily available and making frequent updates to your social media platform, you do something for free that at one time used to cost a fortune: you stay in the public consciousness of the people most likely to buy your product or service.

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Push Technology and Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Push technology refers to sending direct messages or communications to a push capable client (i.e. a mobile device) from a centralized broadcast (messaging) server. Whereas with pull technology the client requests specific data from a server and the server responds by sending data to the device (eg. For website browsing) instead, push technology allows a user to ‘opt-in’ to certain messages that will be sent directly to their mobile device. Push messages can be sent using a variety of methods. The most common push technology is Short Message Service (SMS), which is used to send text messages from one mobile device to another. Then there is Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), which uses both SMS and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to deliver multimedia messages. MMS is used particularly to send pictures and video from one mobile device to the next. By using these tools you can actually broadcast a message that can activate applications or alerts on a mobile device.

The Apple Push Notification Service is a service created by Apple that was launched with iOS 3.0 in 2009. Push notifications require an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection. They are basically an easy way for iOS apps to provide instant alerts and related information to users. Push notifications allow different apps to notify you of new messages or events without you needing to actually open the application. This is similar to how a text message might make a sound and pop up on your screen. Push technology is a great way for apps to interact with users in the background, whether it is a new email or someone tagging a picture of you on Facebook. Whenever an event takes place that causes an app to send a notification, the notification is pushed to the user by one of three options: sound, on screen alert, or badge. Most apps that support push notifications allow users to select which of the three notifications (if any) they would like to use to make them aware of updates. In addition to pushing messages to the screen, push notification also allows apps to display a number or ‘badge’ on the app’s icon. For example, the Mail icon will show the number four if you have four unread messages.

Local and push notifications are great for keeping users up to date with relevant content, whether your app is running in the background or inactive. They also have great marketing potential as they allow for communications to go directly to a customer’s mobile phone from a centralized server. This has a wide array of benefits as it can boost your overall marketing strategy, while reducing the costs of communication. It is also possible to personalize the messaging, since most mobile devices have a single owner who will likely have it with them all day. The notifications also forces a certain level of interactivity, as the owners are likely to view the new messages and updates as soon as they come in.

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Design and Development of eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites have the ability to more than double your overall yearly profits by introducing your store to the millions, if not billions of users that use the internet on a daily basis. These are potential customers that you could never reach out to if you only had 1 shop located in a city center only available to those in the local community.

In this article we are going to look at why the design & development of eCommerce websites is essential in maximizing your presence in the online marketplace and gaining that competitive edge in the specific niche you trade in. Read more to find out how you should go about the design and development of an eCommerce website and learn more about why it could be the solution you need to beat all of your targets this year.

The choice to implement an eCommerce website for your retail company is one that many business owners would now consider wise. At one point businesses did not see the point in placing their store online when they had everything they need in their actual shop building. Now in a down economy it seems that some business owners are turning their store into a complete online solution, something which does need an eCommerce website.

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Streaming Technology and You

There are numerous benefits that come with making use of streaming video internet technology on your site. Nowadays individuals want more than just text and images. Since of websites like YouTube and Hulu, streaming audio plus video has skyrocketed in reputation. There is no limit to what you might do with internet video streaming. It is employed by site owners from all walks of life. As an example, your videos could be entertaining, or they can be informative. Whether you own an on-demand video that site visitors can watch when they visit your web site or a regular webcast, you’re providing guests with something more intriguing than the average website.

Web video streaming can be used by companies and corps to train remote workers, contact other offices and provide the public with beneficial info presented in an interesting format. There are numerous companies which have streaming media on their website these days. In case you are a website owner who wants to bring website visitors to your website for entertainment, a regularly scheduled webcast is a superb idea. Webcasts are similar to television shows broadcast online and there are numerous genres of webcasts.

There are many ways to work with web video streaming technology. The costliest and difficult is to apply your personal server. This is finest left to big companies who have a very high level of site visitors. Also since it is very complex to put together and maintain this type of server it will take an experienced professional to perform the job. An additional option is to apply a video streaming host provider. These hosts do most of the tough work for you letting you put video on your site. It is a less costly option and is helpful for small to medium websites.

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