4G Technology and Smartphones

There is much hype about 4G wireless technology nowadays. With the launch of 4G networks from Verizon Wireless and Sprint, along with the release of 4G-capable smartphones, it is gaining popularity very quickly. But despite that, many people still do not understand what this is all about. Below, you will find practical information about this super-speedy wireless service that you can surely benefit from.

What is 4G Wireless?

4G refers to the fourth generation of wireless service that comes after 3G, which is currently offered by most services. Obviously, it is a faster and more efficient service that is becoming more and more widespread. It offers speed four to ten times faster than 3G networks; however, it is important to remember that speeds vary according to the carrier and your location. As of now, there are three nationwide cellular carriers that offer this type of service. It is essential to keep in mind, though, that just because your carrier is offering this service, does not mean that your phone can run on the network. If it does, then you can surely take advantage of 4G speeds.

Aside from 4G wireless, people are also talking about smartphones a lot these days. Smartphones, which are basically phones that can receive and send messages and make phone calls, are made more efficient with a dozen more features that are not available in ordinary mobile phones. Like the 4G, many people are still not aware of what phones really are, despite their growing popularity. Here is a look at how smartphones stand out among all the other phones.

What is a Smartphone?

It is like a mobile phone and computer rolled into one. It’s like a cell phone that can communicate through calls and texting. It’s like a computer that can store and organize data, send and receive e-mails, browse through internet websites, and so much more. Phone that are like miniature computers that can do a lot for you. They also run on an operating system such as Windows Mobile, iPhone OS, Google’s Android, Symbian OS, RIM’s Blackberry, Palm’s Web OS, and Linux, among others.

Buying Smartphones with 4G

Not all smartphones are 4G capable, but if you want to take advantage of the super speedy internet service of this wireless technology, you would want to get yourself one. When buying smartphone, it would be a good idea to do it via the online market. Apart from considering the carrier, features, and reviews of the smartphone, you must also look for a reputable online store that sells these devices. Moreover, you should also invest in high quality cell phone accessories, such as cell phone covers and cell phone leather cases to protect your smartphone from damage. Cell phone covers and cell phone leather cases are widely available in many online stores. Again, look for a reliable store that offers high quality products, efficient service, and secure transactions.